Hi, I’m Pastor Scott Turansky, and YES! we’d love to have you become part of our church.

Membership in a church is valuable. it provides you with the ability to connect, serve, and grow with other believers. We interact with each other on Sunday mornings but also during the week to provide care and encouragement. We serve together to care for needs in our community, in our own fellowship, and around the world. It’s such a privilege to be part of a church, and we’d love to have you join us at Calvary Chapel Living Hope.

Membership in a church has to do with something inside your own heart. In order to become a member of a church, you first need to become a Christ-follower. That takes place when you recognize that you need a savior to rescue you from the brokenness that sin creates. And, you choose to accept Jesus Christ to become your own personal savior. All of us who are members at Calvary Chapel Living Hope have made that personal decision to follow Christ.

If you’ve made that commitment to Christ recently or as a result of your connection to one of our members, or having watched one of our services, or received help from us in some way, would you please let us know? You can email Pastor Scott at scott@takejesushome.com and let him know that you have made a commitment to Christ and want to become part of Calvary Chapel Living Hope.

We then can do several things. First, we’d like to give you Lesson #1 of a Bible study. It will help you know how to read the Bible for yourself and guide you to understand more about God and his Word. We will also help you get connected to a small group or to other ways that we are growing and serving God.

Let us know about your desire to become part of Calvary Chapel Living Hope. We’ll get you connected right away. We are a fully functioning, active church right now, even in the midst of social distancing. Experience God’s grace with us as we are being the church in challenging times.

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