Scott Turansky PhotoHi, I’m Pastor Scott Turansky. I’m excited about what God is doing through the fellowship here at Calvary Chapel Living Hope. We have children, youth, and adults eager to worship on Sunday morning. We have married, divorced, and single people working together to serve Jesus. It’s a privilege to serve the Lord in such a warm fellowship. I welcome you to look through our website to learn more about us, but I also hope you’ll stop by on Sunday and experience what it means to be part of a loving, growing church.

We teach the Bible verse by verse, have contemporary worship, and view our spiritual growth as an everyday experience. In particular, God so far, has developed two distinctives in our church that stand out to all who are involved. The first has to do with our commitment to developing families and the second is seen in our passion for discipleship. Let me take a moment and explain them both.

Families are Important

I’ve learned that when a church equips families, then the home becomes the discipleship center and the evangelism center of the church. After all, people come to Christ through relationships, not usually through events and programs. I’ve been a pastor for over 35 years. During that time I have also co-founded and led the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Part of our mission at NCBP is to mobilize churches to empower parents to pass the faith on to their kids.

I’m working to strengthen families all over the world through the National Center for Biblical Parenting, and I’m practicing what I preach at Calvary Chapel Living Hope. In fact, others are watching us as they try to move their churches to more of a family ministry model. I also help lead the Family Track for the 414 Window Global Initiative for North America. We’re developing family ministry churches all over the country and are using them as models for churches all around the world.

In short, we are committed to strengthening families at Calvary Chapel Living Hope. Wherever you are in your family life cycle, we want Calvary to be a welcoming place for you. Every parent gets to leave a legacy. You decide what kind of legacy you’ll pass on to the next generation. We are being the church and take the words “Church Family” to heart, and we want to support and encourage you.

Discipleship is at the Heart of Who We Are

Secondly, we provide many opportunities for discipleship at any level. On Sundays I’m committed to teaching the Bible verse by verse and our home fellowships and men’s and women’s studies also provide opportunities to grow in your faith.

We often use our motto, “Take Jesus Home” to refer to our commitment to apply Christ’s teaching in every area of our lives. We don’t leave our spirituality at church on Sunday morning. Rather, we take it home with us to our jobs, our families, and our neighborhoods.

Would you consider joining with us to grow as a disciple of Christ and help strengthen families? Even if you’re single or not in the child-raising stage of life, you know that strengthening families is important for our culture.  If family and discipleship are important to you, you’ll find Calvary an exciting place to be.


Pastor Scott Turansky