Welcome to Calvary Chapel Living Hope. We are affiliated with the Calvary Chapel Movement started in the 70s in southern California by Pastor Chuck Smith and is now one of over 1600 Calvary Chapels around the world. We teach the Bible verse-by-verse and have a contemporary worship style.


One of the things that people appreciate about our church is that we recognize our discipleship mandate in Matthew 28:19-20 to be more than just helping people grow spiritually as individuals. We believe God would have the church take a proactive role in helping people apply their faith to the roles and relationships in life. That’s why our website is TakeJesusHome.com.

Particularly it means that we’re seeking to equip singles, married, divorced, children, youth, and adults to know how to be the believers God wants them to be at work, in their community, and at home.

family imageEvery person and family experiences brokenness. Not all of that brokenness is the result of personal sin. Sometimes people experience the consequences of the sins of others or simply the result of living in a broken world. A successful family isn’t measured by having two parents, two kids, a dog and two cars in the garage. A successful family may be led by a single parent, a grandparent, or include children who are adopted or are in foster care.

Kayla - Girl ChildWhen it comes to the family, we actively look for ways to strengthen marriage and help parents build strong families. But we’re not just seeking to have happy families. We believe that the strongest families are those that are missional families.

A missional family is one that works to build their infrastructure as a family and who reaches out to help and serve others as well.

Not everyone is in a stage of life where they are raising children. That’s why Calvary Chapel Living Hope goes out of its way to embrace people at all stages of life. If you’re not involved in raising a family right now, then you might want to take a look at our Adult Discipleship Pages.