God has a Small Group Discipleship Program – He Calls it “The Family”

Our task in our youth programs is to help the young people to see the value of their faith now. It’s not just a faith for little kids, but it is relevant for their lives as they live at home, at school, and with their friends.

We believe that parents are the primary spiritual trainers of their kids and so, at Calvary, we’re eager to facilitate the relationships between youth and their parents. Although we do offer activities and classes for young people, we also want to provide ways for parents and teens to worship, serve, and learn together. The families of teens that God has brought to Calvary know the value of family and want to strengthen those bonds, recognizing that Calvary has a passion to support them.


Our kids have fun in their youth group meetings, but the meetings are more than great social times. They’re about taking Jesus home and applying scripture in ways that will equip them for the long term.

On Sunday mornings we have a discipleship class of 10-14 year olds during the teaching time. As you look around you’ll see young people helping in various ways. We recognize that Christian kids have spiritual gifts and we seek to provide opportunities for expression in the life of our church. On Sunday evenings the parents and teens get together to discuss current events in light of God’s Word.