Calvary is a Place Where Your Family Can Grow Strong

Parents are the Primary Spiritual Trainers of their Children

We believe that parents are the primary spiritual trainers of their kids, and the church has a job to support that role. That means that as we look for ways to disciple your children, we want to support what you’re doing with them at home. Their Sunday experience should be an encouragement to their spiritual lives in practical ways, teaching them how to take Jesus home in their own lives.

We believe that one of our primary jobs is to help families be strong. We do not just mean help the individuals grow in Christ. We also want to strengthen your family as a whole by supporting your marriage and your parenting.

Discipling you to be strong in your faith is a high priority. We know that if parents have an unnoticeable faith, that’s the faith they are passing on to their kids. That’s why we teach the Bible verse by verse and offer other ways for you to grow in your personal faith.

We also want to help you work with your kids in several ways. First, we have an agreement with the National Center for Biblical Parenting that allows you to purchase any of their resources at 50% off. You can just call the office at 609-771-8002 and tell them you’re part of Calvary and they will extend the discount to you, and even bring your resources to church the next Sunday.

We also want to provide you with fun devotional resources so that you can make Family Time centered around God’s Word the most fun time all week. Kids are made to wiggle and move, and so teaching them about the Bible in a way that uses their silliness or capitalizes on their desire for activity is the best way for them to learn. We will help you do that. We have books and resources to equip you to be spiritual leaders at home. Maybe you would like to download a free eBook called The Family Challenge, sharing practical ways that will help you pass the faith on to your kids.

If you’re having struggles with your children, we want to support you. We can give you specific advice about how to use a heart-based approach to help your children grow. Talk to Joanne Miller, RN, BSN or Pastor Scott Turansky. They head up the National Center for Biblical Parenting and advise parents all over the United States every week. They would like to help you develop a strategic action plan for your child.

Here are a few tools that can help you right now as you work with your kids.

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Character Trait Prayer Guide

As a part of the “take Jesus home” approach to our mission, we would like to offer this guide to praying for 12 different character traits for your child(ren). >> Download Here

10 Traits of a Successful Family

Use this chart as a way to evaluate how your family is doing as a unit. Where you find weaknesses, let us know and we will point you to some great resources. >> Download the Chart Here

10 Tasks of Responsibility for Elementary Age Kids

You might ask your child to identify two areas of strength and two areas of weakness in this crucial task of becoming more responsible. >> Click Here

Your Most Important Job

This chapter from The Christian Parenting Handbook by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller will give you some practical ideas about how to pass the faith on to your kids. Be sure to see the links at the end of the chapter that tell you how you can download a free eBook. >> Click Here