Any Church that Wants to Stick Around Must Focus on the Next Generation


Marie, head up our Children’s Ministry.Hi, I’m Marie Ondy

I head up our Children’s Ministry. We want our kids to learn Bible facts and stories, but we also want them to learn what it means to experience their faith now and to live it out each day. We know that the Bible is exciting and relevant at every stage of life. This is the truth we want  our children to experience. Each Sunday, the children begin with worshipping with their parents. Then after a blessing from Pastor Scott, they are dismissed to classes that meet outside in open tents. Usually the classes are for 3-6 year old’s and 7-9 year olds, but we’re flexible on that based on family needs. I love kids, so if you have any questions about your children or our program, please feel free to ask me.


 Joanne, pediatric nurse.

Hi, I’m Joanne Miller                                                                                                                                                                                  

I oversee the ministry to our youngest folks at Calvary Chapel. I’m a pediatric nurse. Discipleship starts in our nursery program with ages 0-2. Our nursery is not just a ministry to children. It is also a ministry to parents. We care for the infants in practical ways so that moms and dads and grandparents can enjoy worship.



At Calvary we take ministry to children seriously

We teach the Bible to kids and help them to experience their faith in practical ways.

We try to balance time in class with time spent worshipping with parents.

We view worship on Sunday morning as practice for what you are doing at home and encourage you to play the songs sung at church so that kids learn them and can participate in worship on Sundays.

Our goal is to help kids realize that God speaks to them, that the Bible is not just an adult book, and that they can be Christians right now, not just wait until they grow up.

We look for ways to demonstrate our value of children in our church life and allow them to serve the Lord.

We look for ways to involve children in service. Many of them work alongside their parents who usher, greet, setup and take down, and do other acts of service at Calvary. Because we value children, each Sunday we bless them as they leave to go to their classes.

We look for ways to incorporate them in worship, and explain songs and worship as we go along. In their classes, the emphasis is on Taking Jesus Home by applying God’s Word to their lives in their schooling and in their homes.

We believe children can be Christians now, growing, serving, and practicing their faith, not just waiting until they get to be adults.

That is why we encourage the memorization of scripture and ask kids to bring their Bibles.


If you are interested in helping us in our mission to disciple children and support parents, please let us know.

Summer Classes at the Barn

Discipleship starts in our nursery program with ages 0-2. We care for the infants in practical ways so that you can enjoy worship. As children become toddlers we are teaching them about Jesus on their own level. And we offer parenting books for parents of infants and toddlers that will help you build good patterns with your children early.

Our children’s program uses activity, Bible stories, and personal interaction to excite kids about the Bible. The youth and adults that work with your children are committed to helping them catch the faith and develop a love for Jesus.

We support you as parents as the primary spiritual trainers of your children. So, please talk to us about specific needs your child has or even some of the things you are working on at home so that we can reinforce those things at church.

Send your kids to Sunday School – spiritually feed them for a day.
Live it out at home – spiritually feed them forever.