You can now subscribe to our free RSS  feed, using your web browser. This will keep you informed of new additions to our site and, if you choose, it will also download the latest sermon to your PC, iPod or portable MP3 player automatically.

To subscribe to our MP3 Sermon Podcast feed please click below link: RSS

What is an RSS Feed?

Our RSS Feed will notify you about new content on our site as soon as it is added. RSS software allows you to subscribe to websites that provide RSS feeds, usually sites that add new content regularly. To use this service you need to set up an RSS Reader. You then use your reader to subscribe to the sites that you want to be kept up-to-date with.

RSS subscription is free, and each week the ‘Calvary Chapel Living Hope’ feed provides a short summary of our new sermon along with a link to the full article on our site.

How do I subscribe to your RSS Feed?

If you are using web browsers, you can subscribe by clicking this link and filling the email address on which you are wishing to willing to receive out feeds in future.

You can also help us let others know about our ministry by adding our RSS feed to your Web page or blog.