You can read the Bible through in one year. It will change what you believe, how you live, and even your attitude about life.

First download this reading guide. It’s a great way to get an overview of the whole Bible. Also, you’ll want to watch the videos a couple times a month that introduce you to that book or group of books. This reading and video approach will maximize your understanding of God’s Word in a short amount of time.

Just think. In one year you’ll have gone through the whole Bible. More importantly, you’ll allow the Bible to change you and guide you and lead your life.

Download the printable reading guide here.

View the mobile reading guide here.

Watch the videos here. You can give to this project or just scroll down to the videos.

Three problems often hinder people from sharing their faith. 1) They don’t know how to get the conversation started. 2) They are afraid that someone will ask a tough question for which they don’t have an answer. And 3) They don’t feel like they know how to end the conversation with an action step.

We have a solution that addresses all three of those challenges. We’ve designed a business card that gives information about Calvary Chapel Living Hope. You can start any conversation by pulling out the card and saying, “I’d like to invite you to come to my church.”  Or, “I think you might like our church. Here’s a card.” That gets the conversation started in a spiritual direction.

On the back of the card there is a link to video answers to tough questions people are asking today. We’ve partnered with to use their website solutions. It’s a beautifully designed website prepared to provide compassionate answers to the questions people are asking now.

You may have an opportunity to share Jesus with someone on the spot, but more likely, you’ll invite them to come to church. A caring and welcoming attitude often touches people in a special way.

As you share these business cards with people, you are offering them a path to find Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Please pick up some cards at the Information Table on Sunday. Carry them with you because you never know when you’ll have an opportunity to share with someone.

We have several small groups at Calvary Chapel Living Hope. They meet in people’s homes and are good opportunities to study the Bible, share your life with others, and build significant friendships. Those people who get involved in small groups tend to grow spiritually more quickly and find strategic support for their lives.

Sometimes groups last only six or eight weeks because they cover a topic such as Growing Deeper in Your Faith, or God’s Principles of Finance. Other groups meet continually to provide regular opportunities for fellowship and learning.

You can learn more about the small groups at Calvary by checking the bulletin or stopping by the Information Table on Sunday mornings.

Life can get pretty complicated at times. In fact, things can feel out of control and overwhelming. This booklet was written by Billy Graham and is an excellent tool for calming your heart. God doesn’t promise us that we will be free from storms in life, but he does offer us peace in the storm.

Download this eBook and use it as a tool to develop peace in your heart in 30 days. Each day you’ll find comfort from God’s Word to guide your thinking, provide hope, and help you reorient your life.

We at Calvary Chapel are here to help you as well. Getting involved with others will provide you with the support you’ll need to get your spiritual strength back.

Download the free ebook here.