We’re Meeting at the Barn. Come join us!

Since June 28, 2020, we are meeting each Sunday morning at the Barn located at 329 Edgebrook Rd in Robbinsville. Join us at 9:45 am for worship and then teaching from God’s Word. Children are welcome and appreciated. They worship with their parents at first and then after we bless them, we’ll send them off to the grassy area for their own discipleship time.

Children ages 10-14 stay in and listen to the sermon with clipboards to take notes. Then they go out during the last two songs to discuss the sermon with their children.

Bring your Bible because we do Bible Study. We are currently working through the book of 1 Thessalonians. Also, bring your own chair, put it where you want in the barn. You might want to be by the open sides or doorway to get more of the breeze. Or maybe you want to be right up front so that you can see the slides for singing on the screen.

Enjoy the many blessings of gathering together as we worship, fellowship, and serve the Lord together.

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