10 Benefits of Gathering Together as a Church

God has created in us the need to attend worship services together. In times like this, gathering together can help us regain our sanity. There’s just something about being together that calms us down, makes us feel connected and whole, and simply allows us to breathe again.

Research shows that people who regularly attend church report stronger social support networks and less depression. They smoke less and lead healthier and even longer lives. In a very real and physical way, church is actually good for your health.

Here are some benefits you’ll experience by attending church with others:

  1. You will connect with God. Entering a house of worship, whether it’s a school, or a barn, or a traditional building you are instantly elevated to a sense of opening up to God and trying to understand His message. The simple act of walking in the door to be with God’s people brings you closer to Him.
  2. You will experience gratitude. By practicing gratitude, you can reframe negative or frustrating situations into learning opportunities. Gratitude helps you to realize how blessed you are. Attending church can help you open your hearts and eyes to see the things you have.
  3. You will be connected socially. Social distancing wears on a person. At church you find friendly people and you actually make and strengthen good friendships.
  4. Your family is strengthened. Families who attend church together report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction with life. Why? Church reconnects you to your shared beliefs. When you commune with God at church on Sundays, you’re reminded of your pledge in marriage and your brother-sister connection is reinforced even with your children.
  5. You will feel reverence. When you attend church, you’re transported to a place of worship and peace.  It gives you a space to pray and to express humility and gratitude. It allows you to feel at peace and gives you respite from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.
  6. You will have an opportunity to give back. Church offers an opportunity to donate your time and money to causes you believe in. You can also help out through interaction to share God’s grace and love with others.
  7. You will discover the lessons in your trials. How many times have you been struggling in a particular area and found that the sermon or message applied directly to your situation? Church helps us “get it,” whether we are ready for it or not.
  8. You will learn and practice forgiveness. It can be hard to let go of disappointments, frustrations and annoyances. There’s no better place to be reminded of the gift of forgiveness that we’ve already received than by going to church, and your heart can’t help but be softened in the process.
  9. You will experience refreshment through worship. There’s something special about worshiping together. Participating in hymns and spiritual songs uplifts you and gives you messages you might not otherwise hear. It’s amazing how open your heart can become through worship, and how sometimes, even the weight of the world can be lifted off your shoulders the moment that first song begins to play.
  10. You will find deeper meaning in life. When you go to church, you’re given a greater sense of purpose and meaning. You can see the history of what has led us up to this point, and the promise that lies in our future even beyond this world. Church helps you revisit the larger narrative of life and the reasons to hold on and keep the faith.

(These 10 ideas were adapted from an article written by Ruth Soukup and can be found at livingwellspendingless.com)

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  1. Kate Hansen
    Kate Hansen says:

    I like how you said that it can strengthen your family. My sister was wondering if she should go to church. I’ll pass these tips along to her so that she can know the benefits of going.

  2. Taylor Hicken
    Taylor Hicken says:

    I liked it when you shared that you’re offered a greater sense of purpose and meaning when you choose to go to church. My friend just mentioned the other day that she does not know why she has to continue living as she has no one around her. I will suggest to her go to the church so she can understand the purpose of her life.


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