Scott has been a pastor for over 35 years. He has two masters degrees from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Scott’s first pastorate was in Hawaii before moving to New Jersey. He then pastored a church in New Jersey for eight years before moving to Kenya, East Africa to teach Kenyan nationals in a Bible College there. He served as the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Mercer County since the church’s founding in 1997, until August 12, 2012, when he became the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Living Hope.

Scott is also the co-founder of the National Center for Biblical Parenting. He speaks over 50 times a year around the country and has co-authored thirteen books on parenting. Along with Joanne Miller, he has filmed four video training programs used in churches to help parents develop a heart-based approach to parenting. He’s also an adjunct professor at Concordia University where he teaches the Master’s level students in the Family Life Education Degree. He teaches the parenting program there.

The team at the National Center for Biblical Parenting trains churches all over the world to develop family ministries. Calvary Chapel Living Hope is a place where those same principles are put to practice so that intentional family ministry is taking place. Ed Miller, Joanne’s husband, also works for the National Center for Biblical Parenting and hosts a Family Equipping Table at Calvary Chapel Living Hope and occasionally teaches on Sunday mornings as well. You can learn more about the National Center for Biblical Parenting at While you are there, be sure to sign up for free email parenting tips.

Here’s a message Scott preached in San Jose CA in the fall of 2016 that might help you get to know him and his teaching style a bit.

Carrie and Scott

Carrie and Scott

Scott is married to Carrie and they have five children and four grandchildren. She also heads up the Women’s Ministry at Calvary Chapel Living Hope. Carrie grew up in Oregon where she met Scott through the church they attended together.

Josh, their oldest son is married to Melinda and they have two boys and one girl, Hudson, Hayden, and Hanale. As Grandma and Grandpa, they enjoy playing with their grandchildren when they get the chance. Josh and Melinda are starting a church in Baltimore, MD.

Melissa and Scott

Melissa and Scott

Melissa is a registered nurse and is married to Peter Morrison, whom she met in Kenya. Peter and Melissa have hearts for East Africa and our presently living and working in New York City but take regular trips to Africa as part of their work.

Ben is a United States Marine, stationed in North Carolina. His wife Galan is a treasure as is their little daughter Sahlor and son Everett.

Megan and Elizabeth are twins and work full time as a pet groomers in a business they started with Scott and Carrie. They love dogs and enjoy serving pet owners at their shop Dog Wash Depot.

Scott is a relationship architect, loves pastoring and has a passion to strengthen families. As a pastor for over 35 years, Scott has learned to keep ministry simple: teach the Word and love people.

mission team in Brazil

Mission Team in Brazil, December 2015

Scott says…

“Of all the things I do, I love pastoring the most. And Calvary Chapel is an expression of my commitment to families. I enjoy blessing the children on Sunday mornings after they worship with their parents as we send them off to Sunday School. I appreciate our youth program that integrates parents and teens growing together in family life. It’s encouraging to me to watch marriages get strengthened, and individuals find their spiritual compass through Jesus Christ. I’d encourage you to check out Calvary. We would love to have you join with us as we serve the Lord here at Calvary Chapel Living Hope.”