We are excited that you are at this page on our website. It means that you are interested in more of what God has to offer in his church. We would love to have you find Calvary Chapel Living Hope your church home.

Although we don't have an official list of church members and we don't have an application or list of things you have to do to become or remain a member, that doesn't mean that we take membership lightly. Being connected to God's church is part of his design for us.

To learn more about what the Bible says about church membership, and how we practice it, listen to these two sermons by Pastor Scott.

What it Means to Be a Member of Calvary Chapel Living Hope  

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Download the PDF version here.

How to Get Connected at Calvary Chapel  

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Here are some things that might help you as you get more connected at Calvary Chapel Living Hope

How to have A Personal Relationship with God Bible Study

This self guided Bible study will show you from the scriptures what it means to know God personally. You can use this study for yourself or with others to gain greater understanding of how to become a Christian. Download it here.

Understanding How our Church is Governed

Chuck Smith, our founder, wrote a description of church government in a Calvary Chapel and how it differs from other churches we might be familiar with. You can download that explanation here.

Learn more about ways to Give Financially at Calvary Chapel

You can give electronically, by check, or with automatic debits from your checking account. This document contains specific instructions that might be helpful for you. Download it here.

So, are you in?

If you have decided that Calvary Chapel Living Hope is your church home and that you’ve decided to become a member here, let Pastor Scott know. You can email him directly at