Connecting at Calvary


We hope you will visit us on Sunday morning. It is a great way for you to get a feel for who we are. We teach the Bible each week, have contemporary worship, and courageously disciple children and youth. We meet at the Pond Road Middle School at 10:00 am. The pastors are there early each week and would love to talk to you, so stop by a bit early if you’d like.

Smartphone AppIn addition, you might like to join a Home Fellowship. The personal care and growth often take place in powerful ways as we regularly meet, study, pray, and care for each other. Some of these groups are tailored around specific needs such as men’s, women’s, or a young married group. Others are geographic in nature, while others simply focus on a book or a topic.

Check the latest bulletin for updated information about events and activities.

We like to use technology to stay connected. Maybe you’d like to download our Smartphone App so that you can see the latest bulletin, share prayer requests, and stay up on the latest news going on at Calvary. The App contains information such as our bulletin, church directory of people and phone numbers and even a pictorial directory so that you can get to know people better. From the App you can share prayer requests, get a devotional, listen to Christian music, and get directions to any of our activities or events.

You can download the app from anyone who already has it. Just ask them to hit share on their phone or download it yourself here.